I felt instantly at ease in Nora’s presence. - Carol. Montessori Teacher
I lost weight much easier. - M.B.  Nurse
After Nora’s treatment, I felt I had a new lease of life.- M.G. Creche worker
I found the course of treatments very good. I had great relief after each treatment - P.O’Donnell

Field Control Therapy


(Specialised Cellular detox Programme)


Developed in America by Dr Yurkosky over a twenty year period.

Being a medical Doctor , cardioligist and a Homeopath. he was searching for a cure for his Son’s Asthma.

He invented a system where he could clear the body at cellular level of the main toxins and heavy metals in the body and he went on to successfully to treat his Son’s Asthma.


What is it ?


F.C.T is a treatment system that is able to identify and safely remove the main toxins  (Heavy metals, Pestcides, Herbacides, Viruses, Bacteria etc) from the main organs in the body. It is a powerful cutting edge system of integrative medicine. A system of medicine based on physics, rather than chemistry, combined with a revolutionary means of screening at a deep cellular level, makes it the most profound medical modality known to man at this time.


How does it work.

A Patient is accessed using a non-force Kinesiology test ( Bioresonance Testing) and treated with causative homeopathy according to the results obtained. The most affected or degenerative organs are treated first and then all the following stressed organs involved in order of priority. You are also screened for Viruses, parasites, Protozas and bacteria,

An energy imprint of the organ that shows stress together with the relevant potency and depth of toxicity is imprinted onto water.

Remedies are made in a specialised potentizer to the exact potency your body requires at that time.

What will it treat.

All chronic illness and stubborn conditions when you don’t feel an improvement with  the usual Therapies on offer.

F.C.T. treats the immune system. Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, I.B.S, Migraine, Asthma, Colitis, Depression, Thyroid problems and general health problems. All conditions respond to F.C.T.

Toxins and Heavy metals can be the culprit in many conditions




You will feel an overall improvement in your overall energy and the chronic problem should improve.

F.ct addresses your immune system and as it becomes less toxic your  energy improves. It also removes heavy metals from your body systems and this clearing greatly improves your organ functioning.




Client comments.


Having seen results in a friend of mine’s health. I decided to make an appointment and have Field control Therapy.

After a thorough and relaxing study, Nora was able to inform me of the residue of heavy metals, antibiotics, pestcides and various other substances which revealed to me the accuracy of the  analysis as I knew I had come in contact with these various substances. Since I have cleared these substances from my body, I have increased energy, my foggy head is gone and I have much more energy. Disipline to diet and accuracy in treatment is essential during the detox.

Francis Green. Hairdresser & Massage Therapist

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